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Aziz Bamik

General Manager GTT North America

"I have known Patricia since 2014.  She is a very talented golf coach.  I started as a pure beginner and Patricia was able to adapt her lessons to my level and my availability and bring me to a level where I really enjoy the game.  Patricia also organizes our annual corporate golf event which is considered by our clients one the best highlight of the year!"


Marissa Langer

UT Dallas Student scholarship

"I started golf in high school with the help of Patricia. My first tournament I shot 116. Now a few years later Patricia helped me to play college golf and last season I earned First Team All- conference. My lowest tournament round is 75 and I average in the 70’s. Patricia is a hardworking instructor who always has my best interest in mind. She has pushed me to levels that I did not think were possible when I started playing. Patricia always finds new ways to explain how to improve my swing."

Don Langer CEO at UHC Texas Oklahoma.2.j

Don Langer

CEO at UHC Texas Oklahoma

"Patricia is more than a golf instructor.  She has become a friend and mentor on all aspects of the game.  Being an active professional Tour player allows her to stay close to the realities of the mental and technical challenges of the game. As an instructor she has a great ability to understand how each person learns and she modifies her teaching technics accordingly. She can also adapt her teaching to all levels of golf from beginners to NCAA collegiate golfers. She is by far the best and most passionate golf instructor I have met over my 40+ years of playing golf.  She  never stops pushing you to be the best golfer possible.   I highly recommend Patricia for any golfer who really wants to become the best golfer they can be. She will get you there!!"

Gary Young CEO Young Equipment Sourcing.

Gary Young

CEO Young Equipment Sourcing

"I've had lessons and have had the pleasure of playing a few times with Patricia. She knows the golf swing very well and more importantly, knows how to score. Her short game is incredible and gives me subtle hints that make a world of difference. Distance isn't really an issue with me but Patricia pointed out a couple of things in my back swing that have given me even more distance and more consistency. You can't go wrong with information coming from an active tour player. I'm a single digit handicap and highly recommend Patricia for all levels of player."

Sarah Chaboud.JPG

Sarah Chaboud

French student

"Grâce à Patricia j’ai amélioré mon swing et son stage de petit jeu est super!  Patricia est une prof très pédagogue et ses cours se déroulent toujours dans la bonne humeur.  Je la recommande vivement."

Tammy Chauvin.jpeg

Tammy Chauvin

LPGA apprentice

"I’ve worked with Patricia for over 5 years. She helped me to transform my golf swing to meet my golf goals. More importantly she taught me how to think on the golf course. She is “simply the best”,  kind, patient and encouraging. Can’t is not in her vocabulary so be prepared to work for your goals."

Aurore Muth Real Estate Agent.JPG

Aurore Muth

Real Estate Agent

" Patricia is awesome! I'm completely new to golf. She has patience, knowledge in coaching Golf and she also makes the lesson fun!
She's able to diagnose any problem and correct it.  She also taught my 7 years old and 4 years old sons. They love her.  I highly recommend Patricia."

Jerome Hertereau.jpg

Jerome Hertereau

Planning and Business Development Exxon Mobil Chemical Company

"I started to work with Patricia almost 4 years ago. I was a beginner who had only touched golf clubs a couple of times before without proper instruction. She has been able to very quickly diagnose my main gaps and develop a plan to accelerate my golf experience curve. Every session with Patricia is very impactful: she has a lot of different practices and drills in her toolkit and has therefore the ability to adapt the sessions to my needs, and make them entertaining. I have been able to steadily progress and my level allows my now to enjoy my golf experience on every type of courses.  Patricia also teaches on the golf course, and this is a great opportunity to have the insights of somebody who has such a long experience of pro tour tournament.  

Patricia is a true coach: not only she brings the technical expertise, but she is also an amazing golf mentor, bringing all the insights on the mental aspects of the game: encouraging and bringing a positive spin when I am struggling, but also pushing and stretching me when I need. She knows when I play and very often send me messages to debrief my 18 holes…

Last, Patricia is a great person. Very nice and very friendly. And my wife, who is also coached by Patricia, would say exactly the same."

iPhone 281.JPG

Lisa Marie Hudson 

IT Manager

"Patricia is an exceptionally skilled and patient coach/instructor. In less than a year’s time she took me from being a brand new golfer, never really ever holding a golf club to a bogey golfer. I went from a 40+ handicap to a 15. What started as a hobby just to be able to play in friendly couples events with my husband quickly turned into an addiction. I absolutely love the game of golf, all thanks to her.”

Jos Wellink.jpg

Jos Wellink

Honorary consul of The Kingdom of the Netherlands

"Patricia is an excellent teacher.  Being a semi-beginner golfer, (just started playing on golf courses a year ago), I took golf lessons and my swing has improved tremendously. After a few lessons, Patricia  used the information she learned about me to structure her approach. She easily analyses and translates the secrets of the golf swing into simple ideas that resonate with me. Not only does she teach how to hit each club, gain power with the swing motion, but also offers suggestions which fit my ability and further develop the “mental” side of the game. She does it with a calming patience, professionalism and a smile. If you want to work with someone who can adapt to you and help you reach your goals, I recommend Patricia Beliard."

Susan Jardine.jpg

Susan Jardine


"I look forward to lessons with Patricia.  She is quick to spot what I need to do to improve my swing and customizes drills and techniques to reach those goals.  I am learning to apply positive energy not only in my swing but my mind as well.  Patricia makes golf fun!"

Stefano Fratoni.jpg

Stefano Fratoni

Atlantic Trading Operation Manager

“ The best Golf lessons I never had as well as individual than group session. The best way to progress and find your swing in friendly atmosphere.  Patricia is not only a great teacher but also always ready to adapt her time table for you."

Terry Hughes.jpg

Terry Hughes

Principle Consultant at Pipeline Design Solution LLC

"I have been a golf student of Patricia on and off for a few years.  She has a unique knack for dissecting my faulty swing mechanics and bringing them back to where they should be in a short period of time.  Her short game clinics are good for a concentrated focus on that "most important" part of the game.  Thanks!"

Mamiko Inoue.jpg

Mamiko Inoue

 Japanese Student

"Every time I take Patricia’s lesson, I understand deeper about golf.  I really appreciate her patience and energy.”

SALC logo3.png

 Scott Wharton


"25 years ago, at my best, I had a 10.4 index.  Since then, life led me away from and now back to golf.  Enter Patricia.  I participated in a short game clinic with a small group of golfers with very different skills and experience.  She navigated the group with ease and confidence and is a talented instructor, we all improved.  Later, working one on one, I understood just how good she was!  She has a great ability of understanding the person, imparting a good balance between the technical and feel.  A bonus and something I had not contemplated much, was the mental game, and what is needed to post a good score.  Thank you Patricia. Today my index is 13.2."

Daniel Giani.jpg

Daniel Giani

Chief Executive Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore  North America

"I met Patricia for the first time back in 2011 and I could confirmed all that I had been told about her and her
business. She is  really an excellent golf instructor an amazing  " golf event organizer" . We hire her (Swing a la
carte) to organize our technical seminars in North America where we mix business with Golf.  Her experience and
knowledge to organize this type of event  are essential  to have a very successful day"

Sandra Begu Stephan Midenet_edited.png

Raphael, Sandra and Stephan Begu-Midenet

CEO Seabed Solutions  VP Compliance Officer and Secratary of the Ethics Committee at CGG

"If you want to start Golf, get the BEST coach from day 1 - It makes a big difference ! The whole family has been taking lessons for
almost 2 years.   Patricia is so talented ! She is passionate about what she does, loves to share about her sport and enjoys teaching. 
She is very flexible in term of organization, fully dedicated to you during class, result oriented whatever your level is, and always very
friendly. She immediately picks up your defaults, and mistakes and will always propose solutions and drills to work on that are
unique to you. She listens, understands your objectives and will make sure you get there.  We really enjoy our lessons with Patricia ! "

Tami Donnelly.png

Tami Donnelly


I was so lucky to be introduced to Patricia when I arrived in Katy and signed up with her as my golf instructor.  My index was in the high 30’s after playing only for a few years and thought that at my age (59)I would not improved. Patricia told me that I could and she was right! After a few months of lessons  my shots improved a lot , gained confidence on the course and my index dropped to 22. I won  "Most Improved" award that year within our Ladies Golf Association at Falcon Point. Thanks Patricia!

Glenn Giltner.jpeg

Glenn Giltner


Thanks to Patricia I was able to shoot my first ever round of golf under 80. She is great at understanding your individual needs and then helping you make the necessary steps to becoming a better golfer. Her class on the short game was one of the best sets of instruction I have ever had.  A terrific teacher and a very genuine person. Thanks Patricia for all your help!

Dante Prada.jpg

Dante Prada

Lima Peru Student

"I want to thank you Patricia for your outstanding  fun golf lessons. 
All your tips and patience had great results ! I was able to win all the bets I played with my friends during our last golf trip to Orlando. Once again thank you !"

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